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  • No false promises or claims that are not indicated on the merchant Processing Agreement will be made;
  • We will not make promises of payment for prior lease obligations or fee obligations for previous processing obligations in order to induce the applicant to sign an Agreement, unless those payments are actually made on the merchant’s behalf;
  • I will always provide merchants with all pages of the Agreement upon receipt of their signature;
  • All fees will be disclosed to the merchant prior to obtaining signature;
  • I will not have the merchant sign any pages of the agreement that have not been completely filled out;
  • I will not submit an agreements to Payment-Guru that have been altered after the customer has executed the Same, without written authorization from the merchant;
  • I will abide by all Federal, State and local laws, Visa/MasterCard Rules and Regulations, regulatory Agencies and Member Bank and Payment-Guru’s policies and procedures;
  • I will not accept monies from any merchant for services that I have not invoiced or provided;
  • I will not initiate any transactions in a merchant’s credit card equipment other than test transactions.

Please acknowledge receipt and understanding of the above stated compliance and code of ethics agreement and return with the Partnership Agreement.